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Spring Quarter 2017


NRSC 287

Date & Time
April 3rd, Tuesday 12:00pm SOM 321 (jointly sponsored with Divison of Biomedical Sciences) Cahir O'Kane, Dept. of Genetics,
University of Cambridge
"Roles of Spastic Paraplegia Proteins in Shaping Axonal Endoplasmic Reticulum – a “Neuron Within a Neuron”, in Drosophila"
Declan McCole
April 18th, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium Ilana Bennett, Dept. of Psychology,
University of California, Riverside
"Hippocampal Connectivity: Effect of Aging and Relation to Mnemonic Discrimination"
Mike Adams
May 2nd, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium Harold Zakon, Dept, of Neuroscience,
University of Texas, Austin
"The Need for Speed: Evolutionary Specializations of Electric Fish Ion Channels for Generating Brief Signals"
Khaleel Razak
May 16th, Tuesday, All Day UCR Campus: Highlander Union Bldg. (HUB) 302

2017 Southern California Learning and Memory Symposium

(http://korzuslab.ucr.edu/2017SCLM.html )

Ed Korzus and Sara Mednick


May 23rd, Tuesday 4:00pm

Genomics Auditorium Don Arnold, Dept. of Biological Sciences,
University of Southern California
"Harnessing Cell Biology to Visualize and Manipulate the Nervous System"
Sika Zheng
May 30th, Tuesday 4:00pm Genomics Auditorium Garret Anderson, Dept. of Cell Biology & Neuroscience,
University of California, Riverside
"Synapse-specific Roles of Latrophilin Adhesion G-protein Coupled Receptors”
Mike Adams


See also http://psych.ucr.edu/psych_talks/showtalks.php?qtr=F15&series=1 for the Cognitive Neuroscience seminar schedule sponsored by the Department of Psychology.


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